Dig & Save – Madison

1900 S. Park St.
Madison, WI 53713
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608-250-6370Store Hours:
10 a.m. - 5 p.m.
Donation Hours:
10 a.m. - 5 p.m.

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Our Dig & Save outlet, located just five blocks north of the Beltline, is unique among our stores. The store’s name says it all: dig through bins of clothing and tables of interesting objects and come away with savings on treasures! Clothing at Dig & Save is sold by the pound – half price every Wednesday. Video by Edgewood College students with FACTv help

This store is the last chance for things that just didn’t sell at our other St. Vinny’s. Maybe they are too unusual, maybe they are  slightly damaged, maybe only you know the value and possibilities! Dig & Save’s stock rotates quickly and new items arrive every day. It’s easy to donate at “Dig” when you use the drive-up donation area in the back.

You already know we have an incredible staff. They are friendly and helpful, and we are proud to have such an AWESOME team!

Meet one of our friendly cashiers, Jordan. She’s  loves working for Dig & Save because of all the “cool things we get” and our mission to help neighbors in need. She is a college student looking to better her future through helping others and learning life’s lessons. She’s a hard worker and we’re happy to have her!

Dig & Save's photo.If you’ve been to Dig & Save, you’ve probably met Madison. She is one of our fabulous cashiers! She’s been here almost two years and can run the front of the store, and handles production in the back of the store. She works here because she loves helping the community. We love having her work here because she is a hard worker who always has a friendly face.

Having the wonderful crew that we do is what keeps Dig rockin’!

Help your budget. Help your planet. Help your neighbor in need.

“Shop with your heart. Great place to start – on your budget and community. Reduce. Reuse. Recycle, too. We can do it all at St. Vinny's. Oh, let's go shop St. Vinny's. Yeah. Let's go shop St. Vinny's. Yeah. Let's go shop St. Vinny's. Yeah. Let's go shop St. Vinny's.”
- Our Store Jingle (by Trucking Manager Tod Schwenn)