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Sun Prairie Store Opens
We have opened a new St Vincent de Paul Store in Sun Prairie at 1110 W. Main Street.  It is our largest retail space and has a convenient  drive through donation site.
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St. Vincent de Paul Charitable Pharmacy
The new St. Vincent de Paul Charitable Pharmacy is serving those who have chronic or acute health conditions but who lack the means or the coverage to obtain the prescribed medications needed for treatment. We believe that what we have established here is the first stand-alone charitable pharmacy in Wisconsin.

It is a fully licensed pharmacy operating on a stand-alone basis and providing prescribed medications at no charge to those low-income individuals who qualify for the pharmacy’s services.  This means that this pharmacy – not a part of any medical clinic, health network or hospital – honors valid prescriptions that clients accepted into the program have received from physicians and other licensed prescribers.

Call for a Free Home Pickup
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Your  donated items allow us to help our neighbors in need here in Dane County.



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