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"We knew we would need a guiding document."


February 28, 2022

Over the last few months, we have sent emails and shared Facebook posts about our partnership with FreeWill.


We want to offer you the gift of making your will online as a thank you for your continued support to the Society of St. Vincent de Paul — Madison! Now, hear from two of our supporters on why they chose to solidify their estate plan this year using FreeWill.

John and Heather Hagen had seen firsthand the challenges and headaches of not having a legal document that spelled out post-death wishes. From this experience, they were intentional about establishing a way for their assets to benefit future generations without burdening any family members.

“Our goal was to be as clear as possible on asset distribution and designating beneficiary charitable organizations,” John said. “Going through life and realizing life is so fragile, and not knowing how long we have to live, we wanted to have our affairs in order.”

By using FreeWill, you will have the ability to plan your legacy and make a sustained impact in our community! You will also have the opportunity to designate your giving to charity. We hope you will consider St. Vincent de Paul — Madison.

Learn more about planned giving here.

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