Vintage Kitchen starts Thurs., Mar. 18 @ St. Vinny’s Willy St.

March 18, 2021

Hey good lookin’! Come see what’s cooking at our Vintage Kitchen Event at Willy. Whether you’re a collector of Pyrex or love kitsch, you’ll find something to hit the spot! Free nostalgic vibes!

Vintage Kitchen Starts Nov. 17 @ St. Vinny’s Stoughton

November 17, 2020

Find the best and brightest vintage options at our Vintage Kitchen Event in Stoughton!

Vintage Kitchen starts Aug. 21 at St. Vinny’s Sun Prairie

August 21, 2020

Sun Prairie’s Vintage Kitchen Event kicks off Fri., Aug. 21 at 9:00 am! We have a substantial selection of Fire King, Pyrex, cast iron and other utensils!  Stop in and shop our eclectic collection of all things vintage kitchen! *Photo examples from past events

Vintage Kitchen Event March 14 @ St. Vinny’s Verona

March 14, 2018

Add some kitsch with functionality to your decor at Vinny’s Verona on March 14!