Vintage Kitchen starts Thurs., Mar. 18 @ St. Vinny’s Willy St.

March 18, 2021

Hey good lookin’! Come see what’s cooking at our Vintage Kitchen Event at Willy. Whether you’re a collector of Pyrex or love kitsch, you’ll find something to hit the spot! Free nostalgic vibes!

Toy Event starts Thurs., Jan. 21 @ St. Vinny’s Sun Prairie

January 21, 2021

Find the missing piece to your collection or share your childhood with a new generation! Our Vintage Toy Event will help you replay the past.

Vintage Kitchen Starts Nov. 17 @ St. Vinny’s Stoughton

November 17, 2020

Find the best and brightest vintage options at our Vintage Kitchen Event in Stoughton!

Collectible Christmas Event Starts Sept. 25 at St. Vinny’s Odana Rd.

September 25, 2020

Put a classic touch in your Christmas celebration with ceramic Christmas trees, Shiny Brights, free-blown glass ornaments, bottle brush trees and bubble lights. Check out St. Vinny’s Odana Rd on Facebook and visit their website.

Vintage Kitchen starts Aug. 21 at St. Vinny’s Sun Prairie

August 21, 2020

Sun Prairie’s Vintage Kitchen Event kicks off Fri., Aug. 21 at 9:00 am! We have a substantial selection of Fire King, Pyrex, cast iron and other utensils!  Stop in and shop our eclectic collection of all things vintage kitchen! *Photo examples from past events

Video Game Event Starts January 9 @ St. Vinny’s Odana Road

January 9, 2020

It’s a win for everyone – champions and newbies alike have lots to discover from this collection of video games, game systems, apparel and memorabilia. From the Atari to the N64 to Gamecube to old Playstations we have it all! Events starts at 9 am on Thursday, Jan. 9 at St. Vinny’s Odana Road. HURRY! Stuff […]

Collectible Christmas begins October 4 @ Odana

October 4, 2018

The magic of Christmas never goes out of style. Find your favorite classics at Odana!

Lego Event starts February 21 @ St. Vinny’s Verona

February 21, 2018

Weather the remaining part of winter with legos galore exclusively at St. Vinny’s Verona!

Vintage Kitchen in Waunakee!

October 6, 2016

The Vintage Kitchen event brings out your original Betty Crocker with the cooks and looks your mom and grandmother had back when. Table linens, useful, unique and beautiful kitchenware and tools available at this event. Great for people setting up household for the first time, students who just need a few things, or collectors looking […]