Vinny’s Lockers

No Home? Need a Safe Place to Store Your Stuff?

Vinnys Lockers door

Video by Edgewood College students with FACTv help Vinny’s Lockers is a secure building across the street from our Madison service center that safely stores belongings of people who are homeless. With a referral from a local agency that serves people who are homeless, people can store personal papers and items, family mementos, out-of-season clothing, and even tools for work.

Up to 75 people can use this free program. Each participant can have up to two storage bins and may store documents in a secure file. Participants agree to check in within 60 days of storing items; and storage may be extended. Food, weapons and drugs are not accepted. Volunteers staff Vinny’s Lockers for scheduled Wednesday and Saturday hours. Please call the 257-0919 before visiting Vinny’s Lockers to store or pick-up belongings.




“I’m so happy to have this. All here have been so helpful to me. ... Chris really treated me with dignity and respect.”
- David, Charitable Pharmacy Patient