Charitable Pharmacy

2033 Fish Hatchery Road
Madison, WI 53713
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608-268-0355 (during pharmacy hours) or 608-442-7200 x38
11 am - 2 pm
1 - 4 pm
3 - 6 pm


Please click here for general updates about actions we’re taking to help minimize the spread of the novel coronavirus and the COVID-19 illness it causes. The pharmacy has now moved to curbside pickup to increase social distancing and keep everyone safe.

Specifically in our Pharmacy: We are maintaining our regular hours. Based on supply, many of our patients have been receiving 90-day prescriptions instead of the usual 30-day supply.

St. Vincent de Paul Pharmacy on NBC15 Madison about how we are helping during COVID-19:


Pharmacy Hours

Regular hours:
Mondays: 11 am – 2 pm
Tuesdays: 1 – 4 pm
Thursdays: 3 – 6 pm

Stay up to date on the latest local news from the Public Health Madison & Dane County website regarding the coronavirus/COVID-19:

Uninsured? Need Help with Medication?

Video by Edgewood College students with FACTv help

We may be able to help you at the
St. Vincent de Paul Charitable Pharmacy.                                                        

Who Can Use the Pharmacy?

Patients must:

  • Be 18 years old or older
  • Have a current prescription
  • Have no prescription drug insurance, including Medicare Part D plans
  • Meet the household-income guideline, 200% of the federal poverty level or lower (Check current guidelines here.)
  • Confirm Dane County residency

How to Apply

(NOTE: At this time we are not accepting potential new patients for certification and provision of prescription medications. What follow are instructions for our normal process of certifying new patients who apply.)

You’ll need to be certified before we can fill your prescription. Please call us first at 608-257-0919. The, you’ll visit our Service Center (2033 Fish Hatchery Road in Madison) Monday through Friday between 9 am – 3:30 pm:

  • Fill out a form with a receptionist
  • Complete an application, which requires proof of any income
  • Bring these things with you:
    • Photo ID
    • Proof that you live in Dane County (a bill, lease, current check stub or photo ID with address)
    • If you have any income, papers that show household income (includes everyone who lives in your household):
      • Two most-recent paychecks or pay stubs
      • Unemployment benefit statement
      • Social Security, SSDI or SSI income statements
      • Income portion of FoodShare benefit statement
      • Child support and/or alimony statements
      • Latest tax return
      • Proof of any other source of income the shows the dollar amount
    • If you have no income:
      • A letter (on agency letterhead) from the health agency staff or social services case manager who referred you stating that you have no income and no health insurance
      • A letter from anyone who provides you with money to pay bills stating that you have no income and no health insurance
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Our pharmacy is located at 2033 Fish Hatchery Road.

More About Our Pharmacy

The mission of our pharmacy is to help uninsured adults living with low incomes in Dane County with a compassionate resource to fill current prescriptions for free, learn about their medications and find support for getting effective treatment for chronic and acute medical conditions. Our pharmacy is state-licensed and stocks many medications to treat common conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, infections and other  illnesses. We provide up to a 30-day supply for each prescription. Our own Managing Pharmacist oversees the program and with well-trained volunteers and UW-Madison Pharmacy School students. (No narcotics are stocked or provided.)

For Detailed Information

For information about patient rights and responsibilities, please click here. If you are a health care provider interested in our pharmacy’s formulary, please click here or call. If you wish to use the St. Vincent de Paul Charitable Pharmacy and believe you may be eligible, call us first at one of the numbers above.

Have medicine or medical supplies to donate?

Our pharmacy receives medicine at no or very low cost by participating in commercial or public regulated programs and donations of medication from healthcare institutions and providers, pharmacies and pharmaceutical manufacturers to assure the medicines are unexpired, properly labeled and stored, and untampered with.

Sorry, we cannot accept:

  • Opened personal care products, such as shampoo and lotion. Households could share these items with friends and family. Otherwise, dispose of them.
  • Opened, unexpired prescription medications from households.
  • Expired (outdated) medications. These are considered waste and should be disposed of according to these rules. In Dane County, visit a MedDrop site.
  • Controlled substances (opioids, narcotics, pain killers). Federal Drug Enforcement Administration rules only allow certain people to possess prescribed controlled substance medications, and do not allow donation. Our pharmacy does not carry these medications at all. In Dane County, visit a MedDrop site.

We can accept:

  • Unopened personal care products, such as shampoo and lotion.
  • Unexpired, unopened (must be sealed with foil or in blister packs), prescription medicines. As a Wisconsin Drug Repository site, a form must be completed by the donor to complete the donation.
  • Unopened, unexpired over-the-counter medicines, including vitamins and supplements, that have unbroken safety seals.
  • Sealed bandages and wound care products.

Medical supplies
Many places in Dane County will gladly take durable medical equipment, such as crutches, commodes, wheelchairs, walkers and other goods. Check here for donation options.


InteresIMG_7190ted in volunteering in our pharmacy? Apply here:    

Help in the Pharmacy


“It means the world to me. ... It means I don’t have to go on-again, off-again, and my meds are stabilized – rather than me needing to go to the emergency room all the time.”
- Jennifer, About Our Charitable Pharmacy