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Port St. Vincent de Paul

Offering help and hope, Port St. Vincent de Paul provides a home for up to 40 men at a time. The Port has long helped restore hope for men needing transitional, supportive or emergency housing. The Port also supplies meals, clothing and 24-hour staffing. The program helps participants work toward goals for their appropriate next steps in life.

Contact Paul Ashe:
(608) 257-2036
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seton 1 & 4

St. Elizabeth Ann Seton House

Since 1989, the St. Elizabeth Ann Seton House has been a home to dozens of women and mothers with minor children. Located across four houses in the Williamson- Marquette neighborhood the program helped residents transition to permanent housing and learn solid life skills. Seton House is beginning a transition to a successor St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Program. The program will address the wider challenges of poverty faced by single custodial parents with minor children. Please stay tuned for more information.

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Contact Priscilla Lentini:
(608) 819-1061
or email at plentini@svdpmadison.org.

“I've learned a lot since I've been there. Like now I know how to budget my money. ... I'd rather be broke and know that all my bills are paid. I look at it like -- I know what things I need and what things I want, and the 'want' I put to the side.”
- Dee Dee, Former Seton House Resident