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Need help making a home?

You may have put together a security deposit and first month’s rent for an apartment in Dane County, and that wasn’t easy. Maybe now you find yourself and family  in a few empty rooms. If you are without resources to buy some basic, needed pieces of furniture, we can help.

We operate local thrift stores in part to be able to provide basic-needs items, including furniture, free to people experiencing hard times — especially to people transitioning from homelessness into housing. Furniture is provided from our thrift-store inventory; you’ll need a voucher issued by one of St. Vincent de Paul member groups around the county in order to receive free furniture from us. If you request this assistance, a pair of our members will arrange to visit you in your home.


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  • You may be eligible for a furniture voucher if you live in a Dane County household that hasn’t received this sort of voucher from us in the last five years.
  • Furnishings we may be able to supply include a sofa, a living-room chair, a card table & chair set, plastic crates, and inflatable beds.
  • You may also be eligible to receive dishes, glassware, utensils, pots, pans, bedding and linens.
    • These items may be made available if you haven’t received these items from us within the last year.
    • Our members can discuss needs for these items with you.
  • If you have an infant or toddler in the household who lacks a proper crib, we can offer a sturdy portable crib for the child.
    • We supply these new portable cribs free of charge.
    • This is a much safer option than a baby sleeping in the same bed with adults or other children.

The furniture voucher application process usually begins at our Service Center (2033 Fish Hatchery Road in Madison). We ask those requesting this assistance for a photo ID and proof of address. Applications are then sent to the St. Vincent de Paul members who will schedule a home visit. It is during these visits that furniture vouchers are issued to eligible persons. Most furniture vouchers (except those in outlying areas of the county) are fulfilled at our Dig & Save Outlet store, 1900 S. Park St. in Madison. Those using a furniture voucher for Dig & Save must call the store at (608) 250-6370 to schedule an appointment to pick up their items. (We do not deliver.)

To begin the process of requesting a voucher for furniture, bedding, linens or housewares, please contact us at our Service Center by calling (608) 257-0919.

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