Youth Service Council Scholarship

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The Youth Service Council Scholarship Program began in 2017, providing students who otherwise may not be able to afford post-secondary education an opportunity to fulfill their dreams.  The Youth Service Council (YSC) is St. Vincent de Paul-Madison’s high school service group.  These YSC has created, developed, managed and executed the program and has disbursed more than $8,000 in the past four years.

Components of the scholarship program:

  • A tuition award for post-secondary education, usually for $1,000
  • Financial support for the recipient’s family, often in forms of housing and grocery expense assistance
  • Qualifying applicants are high school seniors eligible for free/reduced lunch and with plans to further skills or education
  • An application that focuses on obstacles conquered and acknowledges demands of family responsibility
  • A review board of high school students on the YSC, broadening their compassion for and deepening their understanding of others as they come to understand the histories of their peers

The combined student/family assistance makes this a unique scholarship.  A focus on initiative and perseverance shown in life, but not reflected in ACT scores gives some students a chance who otherwise may not.

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The Madison St. Vincent de Paul-Madison Youth Service Council


“I’m so happy to have this. All here have been so helpful to me. ... Chris really treated me with dignity and respect.”
- David, Charitable Pharmacy Patient