Donate Medicine

Have medicine or medical supplies to donate?

Our pharmacy receives medicine at no or very low cost by participating in commercial or public regulated programs and donations of medication from healthcare institutions and providers, pharmacies and pharmaceutical manufacturers to assure the medicines are unexpired, properly labeled and stored, and untampered with.

We can accept:

  • Unopened personal care products, such as shampoo and lotion.
  • Unexpired, unopened (must be sealed with foil or in blister packs), prescription medicines. As a Wisconsin Drug Repository site, a form must be completed by the donor to complete the donation.
  • Unopened, unexpired over-the-counter medicines, including vitamins and supplements, that have unbroken safety seals.
  • Sealed bandages and wound care products.

Sorry, we cannot accept:

  • Opened personal care products, such as shampoo and lotion. Households could share these items with friends and family. Otherwise, dispose of them.
  • Opened, unexpired prescription medications from households.
  • Expired (outdated) medications. These are considered waste and should be disposed of according to these rules. In Dane County, visit a MedDrop site.
  • Controlled substances (opioids, narcotics, pain killers). Federal Drug Enforcement Administration rules only allow certain people to possess prescribed controlled substance medications, and do not allow donation. Our pharmacy does not carry these medications at all. In Dane County, visit a MedDrop site.

Medical supplies
Many places in Dane County will gladly take durable medical equipment, such as crutches, commodes, wheelchairs, walkers and other goods. Check here for donation options.

Questions on donating medication? Please contact our pharmacy (608-257-0919) during open hours (Mon 11 am – 2 pm, Tues 1 pm – 4 pm, Thurs 3 pm – 6 pm). Or leave a message outside of pharmacy open hours. Thank you for supporting your neighbors in need!


“I’m so happy to have this. All here have been so helpful to me. ... Chris really treated me with dignity and respect.”
- David, Charitable Pharmacy Patient