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Did you know only about 33% of American adults have a will or living trust? That means two out of every three people do not have a will!

We have partnered with FreeWill to bring you the opportunity to create a lasting will. Just like establishing a power of attorney or securing life insurance, making a will is just one item often pushed aside. We hope you will take advantage of FreeWill as a resource to establish your legacy, and care for your family, friends and community. Click here to learn more about leaving a legacy with your will.

Lynne Toseff (right), longtime Society of St. Vincent de Paul volunteer and donor, shares why she decided to start her will with FreeWill:

Click here to learn more and organize your end-of-life wishes with a will visit.

Information on FreeWill’s website is intended as general guidance and does not constitute legal advice for any specific individual. Please consult your attorney for legal advice.

Due to rising costs of food and gas, more people are going hungry in Dane County and turning to food pantries for help.

On November 22nd, 2022 we plan to raise $22,000 in 24 hours to fund programs providing food, medicine, housing and more to neighbors in need here in Dane County.

Donate now to help people in need


Each day this month celebrate 24 Days of Thankfulness

Leading up to Our Giving Tuesday, take a moment to recognize everything you have to be grateful for, celebrate loved ones and share thankfulness! Download the 24 Days Of Thankfulness schedule here.

24 Days Of Thankfulness

Read how your care, your compassion and your encouragement helped neighbors in need. Our periodic newsletter shares success stories of people using our food pantry, pharmacy, men’s housing program and other services.

Who is it you know who typically does the most they can do for their families, friends, church or community – time and time again?

I’ll bet if we asked that question in a room full of people, the answer that would rise to the top would be, “my mom.” Dads would get some love, too, or maybe a friend we admire. But moms? They’re known for doing the most they can do for their families every day.

We hear people say all the time, “It’s the least I could do.” What if we were each to strive to do more – to reach for “the most I could do,” just like our moms? Your generosity has already helped the Society of St. Vincent de Paul — Madison do more. Thank you.

In these tumultuous times, the calls for help come every day, and we continue to do the most we can do to meet basic needs.

We’re reaching to do even more, and we need your help. Here’s how:

With her daughter, Stephanie* recently moved from Seton House into her own apartment! Your gift today can help us meet basic needs for people moving beyond poverty. (*Name changed for privacy)

In order to do the most we can do to serve our neighbors in need, we rely on the support of our generous community.

We leverage that generosity through careful stewardship of donated funds, volunteer support where possible and creation of partnership opportunities with other service organizations. Are you ready to do the most you can do? We hope you will consider a gift today to provide help and hope to local people coping with poverty.

Please consider one of the following ways to give:

Imagine a community where each of us does the most we can do, even if it’s once in a while. We won’t all be a Mother Teresa, a Martin Luther King Jr. or a St. Vincent de Paul. We might not even be as giving as our own moms were to us. But wouldn’t Mom be proud to know that even for today, you did the most you could do? For considering what might be your way of doing the most you can do, we thank you.

Donate now to help us provide food for one more family or fill a prescription for one more uninsured patient.

Care Café 2022, our seventh annual fundraising event, is May 11th at 8:00am.

Register here to receive the link to attend the virtual event.

Your gift will make an impact in the lives of so many people. Please consider making a financial gift during Care Café to support our programs to feed, heal, house and clothe people coping with poverty. Thank you for your support!

Our Care Café 2022 speaker, Matthew Gonnering, speaking in front of a presentation screen.Meet our keynote speaker! Matthew Gonnering is the General Manager for Widen, an Acquia company. For the last 21 years, he has been active in building an organization that serves the most iconic brands in the world by helping them organize their images, videos and other digital content. He and he wife, Sarah, have six children and reside in the Madison area. Matthew enjoys time with family, reading, hunting and fishing.

How does St. Vincent de Paul — Madison help Dane County?

Watch our 25-minute presentation,

[youtube width=”348″ height=”265″ description=”2021 St. Vincent de Paul — Madison Care Café”][/youtube]

Care Café 2021, at right.


Click here to view our Donor Impact Report from 2021.


Learn how Neighbors Help Neighbors at St. Vincent de Paul — Madison, (filmed pre-pandemic).

Over the last few months, we have sent emails and shared Facebook posts about our partnership with FreeWill.


We want to offer you the gift of making your will online as a thank you for your continued support to the Society of St. Vincent de Paul — Madison! Now, hear from two of our supporters on why they chose to solidify their estate plan this year using FreeWill.

John and Heather Hagen had seen firsthand the challenges and headaches of not having a legal document that spelled out post-death wishes. From this experience, they were intentional about establishing a way for their assets to benefit future generations without burdening any family members.

“Our goal was to be as clear as possible on asset distribution and designating beneficiary charitable organizations,” John said. “Going through life and realizing life is so fragile, and not knowing how long we have to live, we wanted to have our affairs in order.”

By using FreeWill, you will have the ability to plan your legacy and make a sustained impact in our community! You will also have the opportunity to designate your giving to charity. We hope you will consider St. Vincent de Paul — Madison.

Learn more about planned giving here.

Leading up to Our Giving Tuesday on November 23rd, we are celebrating 25 Days of Thankfulness!

Each day this month, we are taking a moment to recognize everything we have to be grateful for, celebrate our loved ones and share thankfulness!

Make sure to tag us @svdpmadison, #ourgivingtuesday and give to a good cause on Our Giving Tuesday, November 23rd! Your support can directly help our neighbors in need.

To give your financial contribution right now, click HERE! Your gift can have double the impact! Generous donors will match giving up to $25,000!

Download and print the 25 Days of Thankfulness schedule here!

Help support your Dane County neighbors in need all year long

Join St. Vincent de Paul’s Sustaining Samaritans by sending a monthly gift to support our food pantry, free pharmacy, housing programs and voucher program that offers free furniture, household goods and clothing to Dane County neighbors in need. With these suggested recurring gift amounts you could provide:

Top 5 reasons to become Sustaining Samaritan

How to get started?

Want to increase your monthly gift?

No additional payment information is needed. Please email or call Eric Fleming, Director of Development at (608) 278-2920 x34, or email