Executive Staff & Board Members

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  • Ralph Middlecamp

    CEO & Executive Director
  • Ernie Stetenfeld

    Associate Executive Director
  • Diane Smith-Melloy

    Director of Retail Operations
  • Chris Kane

    Director of Client Services
  • Peter Lewandowski

    Port St. Vincent de Paul Director
  • Josie Montañez-Tyler

    St. Elizabeth Ann Seton House Director
  • Nancy Hansis

    Development Director
  • Lauren Cnare

    Communications Director
  • Gayle Westfahl

    Member Services Coordinator
  • Jennifer Troia

    Associate Director of Client Services
  • Yolanda Tolson

    Managing Pharmacist
  • Kiran Shrestha

    Accounting Manager
  • Ruth Kocvara

    Business Manager

Board Members

  • Richard Pilsner

  • Kathleen Dare

    Vice President
  • Steve Smedberg

    Vice President
  • Gregory Keller

  • Thomas Kirschbaum

  • Mark Kraemer

  • Barbara Matthews

  • Thomas Parslow

  • Mary Tejeda

“It may be hard to visualize all those who benefited from receiving more than $2.6 million in assistance from us last year. But I invite you to stretch your imagination even further to see the good the Society of St. Vincent de Paul has done during the 90 years it has been at work here in Madison.”
- Ralph Middlecamp, CEO & Executive Director